Who We Are


Dreamcatcher IT is an IT service provider based in Chittagong with international footprints. We started our journey on a mission to fill the void of finding and cultivating a new pool of tech-savvy talented young people, with a dream to create a new platform to highlight their talents and unending potential. We're a group of disruptive thinkers, craving for the latest technologies to create exemplary solutions.

Technology, which used to be a luxury, has become a necessity in recent times. It has transformed the world into a small global village. At Dreamcatcher IT, we use the latest best practices to give us a competitive edge over others. In this industry technology turns obsolete very soon hence we keep up-to-date, learning and stay in sync with the market. Our approach differs from most because we take the time before making a single technology choice to learn your business from the inside out. We cater to all kinds of clients, from small start-ups to large companies.

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Our Mission

To cherish and nurture the dreams of our young techies, form community and relationships between existing and aspiring dreamers in technology. Making the dreams of customers a reality and building up their next big idea or lending a hand to an existing one.

Our Vision

To unleash the infinite potential of Chittagong’s amazing pool of technofreaks by creating a platform. To create & craft projects that ooze creativity in every aspect. To be a trusted and reliable company in which satisfied customers, motivated team and bottom line profits go hand in hand.

Our People

Dreamcatcher IT delivers its solutions through a powerful team, encouraging all members to innovate, explore, and take responsibility for their own growth, both technically and professionally. We foster an open work environment and culture that promotes personal and group achievement with a clear focus on delivering customer satisfaction.